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Smoking isn’t cool! HCDS Campaign

Smoking isn’t cool!

Students distributed T-shirts with anti-smoking messages in the centre of Thessaloniki to reinforce the anti-smoking campaign of HCDS

Teenagers from Thessaloniki, aged 16-17 years old, distributed T-shirts with anti-smoking messages in the centre of Thessaloniki.

“Smoking isn’t cool” was the message that teenagers from the private school “Saint Paulos” and the artistic school chose to deliver to other teenagers. They took part in the informative campaign that HCDS organized, motivated by the International anti-smoking day, the 31st of May.

Since early in the morning till late in the afternoon, more than 10 students, aged 16-17 years old distributed T-shirts with social messages against smoking.

In two different main locations, the Aristotle Square and the White Tower, Stauros Tryfon, director of the Pulmonary Clinique  of the hospital “George Papanikoloaou”, the Secretary General of HCDS, Maria Saroglou, pulmonologist, usher of the general hospital of Drama and financial manager of HCDS and Antonis Antoniadis, Director of the Pulmonary Clinique of the general hospital of Serres and member of the Board of Directors of HCDS, along with volunteer nurses of the Medicinal anti-smoking centre of IKA located on the 25th Martiou Street informed the public of the dangers of starting to smoke in combination with the factors that can lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

 The president of HCDS and Director of the Pulmonary Clinique of the Interbalcan Hospital of Thessaloniki, Iraklis Titopoulos in his message on the international anti-smoking day highlighted:

“So far, anti-smoking campaigns have focused on an effort to encourage the public to quit and reduce smoking, without focusing on the basis of the problem. All efforts that take place to reduce the number of smokers should shift from dealing with adult smokers to teenagers and how to prevent them from starting.

We need to be aware of the fact that cigarettes are drugs, like heroine. Smokers are addicted, just like drug users. This is the message that we should strive to deliver to the young generation.”


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