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555 35, Pylaia, Greece

+30 2310 475 662

Business Hours : 9:00 - 14:00

Scientific Associates of the Board of Directors


Contractors of the Board of Directors of the HCDS with allocated duties, non-profit, elected by the Board, with duration of term equal to that of the Board of Directors.


Close collaboration with the Board on issues that deal with their specialty, advising, intervening and acting, after having been authorized from the Board of Directors. Able to take part in Board meetings, excluding voting rights.


  • Members of the HCDS
  • P.H.D. holders
  • Professional Experience
  • Specialty
  • Recognized standing and ethos


  • Honorary distinction by HCDS
    (title, member of General Partnership, trainer, etc)
  • Publicity
  • Scientific recognition
  • Volunteer work
  • No annual financial contribution