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1st general assembly – 2019 (Board of Directors elections)

Today, on Friday the 15th of February, 2019, the members having the majority in the elections of the 11/2/2019 assembled in order to form the new Board of Directors of HCDS.

  1. Tryfon Stauros: 61 votes
  2. Τitopoulos Iraklis: 44 votes
  3. Saroglou Maria: 39 votes
  4. Antoniadis Antonios: 34 votes
  5. Μarkopoulou Ekaterini: 34 votes
  6. Porpodis Konstantinos 34 votes
  7. Karapetsas Thomas: 33 votes
  8. Kontakiotis Theodoros: 33 votes
  9. Spiratos Dionisios: 30 votes
  10. Euthimiou Christoforos: 15 votes
  11. Zarogoulidis Pavlos: 11 votes

Elected for the selection committee:

Kakoura M., Εlemenoglou Ι., Zacharias Ath.

Following the meeting of the committee of seven for the formation of the new Board of Directors on the 15th of February 2019, the results are as listed below:

President:                             Τitopoulos Iraklis

Deputy President:             Karapetsas Thomas

Secretary General:           Tryfon Stauros

Secretary Special:             Porpodis Konstantinos

Cash Management:           Saroglou Maria

Members:                             Antoniadis Antonios,  Markopoulou Ekaterini

​The President

Ir. Titopoulos

The Secretary General

S. Tryfon

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